How I hit 100+ orders every month on my Shopify store in less than 6 months using only Instagram

by Adan Valdez

Yes, you read that correctly. 

It is possible to get sales on your shopify store using only Instagram and without spending any money on ads. 

But, what about when you are just starting off and ready to open up the shop but without a big budget for marketing?

Well let me tell you this, If you don’t do anything….

Nothing will happen…

I first sat there with no sales for 3 months.

I understand what its like to have no website visitors or sales.

It sucks,

Its defeating,

It crushed me, but I still knew not to give up just yet (which many people do)

You see I did lots of research and testing…

After reading numerous books, taking courses, and doing what took us a long time, I have eliminated all of the trial and error and are here to bring you the key factors in making this happen!

That's where this process helps out.

So, how did I do it?

How did I get 100+ orders every month?

With a few online tools called Shopify, Klaviyo, Instagram, and Later.

Other than those 4 things, there was also the other stuff like products, packaging material, label printer, desktop, etc. But as far as software, those 4 things were what we needed in order to achieve these results.

This is what I did to achieve 100+ orders each and every month using Shopify and Instagram.

To start I had my Shopify store built out with all of my products for sell.

Then I built out an automated email flow on Klaviyo so customers who viewed products or abandoned their carts would get emails automatically.

I made the Instagram page for the brand and posted 9 relevant posts using hashtags appropriate for the brand.

With website traffic sitting at a fat ZERO, I put my website URL in my instagram bio to start driving a few visitors.

To get more traffic to my Shopify store, I needed to get more traffic to Instagram, makes sense right? So, I had to post very frequently. I started to post anywhere from 2-5 times a day.

Then, create a content calender on for the next 30 days and schedule posts.

I followed lots and lots of competitors' followers. These are people I knew had an interest in our competitors instagram/business so they for sure would have an interest in my business and products.

I kept up with following competitors followers and unfollowed inactive profiles until I reached about 5k followers.

Now, I had a nice base of followers so when we posted everytime we were getting lots of engagement.

At this point I started to reach out to influencers to promote our product for free in exchange for free product.

The goal is to find influencers who are very loyal to their fanbase (followers) and engage with their followers in the comments PLUS have a following of at least 10k followers.

Your goal: to find at least 5 new influencers every week on Instagram to promote your products.

After obtaining at least 5 influencers to post using your product and ensure they are tagging your profile, you will get more traffic to your page.

Start doing giveaways with your products and in order for people to enter just have them like, comment and share your post.

Do this on a weekly basis, plus ask influencers to post about it if you’d like. 

Please remember to respond to EVERY SINGLE COMMENT and DM in instagram (VERY IMPORTANT) 

Every day continue to post 2-5 times (Includes scheduled/organic posts) and go Live once or twice a day.

When you go live, just document, record yourself packaging orders, your inventory, the office, talk about how you got started, do a live Q and A, etc.

By now you should have a few sales coming in every week.

Keep engaging on Instagram to increase traffic and increase sales.

*BONUS TIP* increase your website conversion rate so with the same amount of traffic you are actually increasing sales, maybe even doubling/tripling them!

Using these steps you too can grow your Shopify business using Instagram.

Whether you are starting off from nothing or are already getting a few sales but want to increase those sales and consistency, this method WILL work. 

Tried and tested. 

100% guarantee this will increase your sales as long as you put in the work.

Now, this isn't a set and forget it business system.

Yes, you can schedule your posts for maintaining your Instagram profile but you still need to post behind the scene photos, the process of your business, your story, and also going live.

People like to see profiles with real life built into them, not just systemized posts that you can tell are basic generic posts.

I was spending roughly 2-4 hours per day on Instagram when I started this process. (That included, posting, going live, responding to DM’s and comments, plus finding influencers to promote my products.)

As mentioned before.

This is not a get rich quick scheme, this is a BUILD YOUR BRAND scheme.

Which means the more time you spend, you are building goodwill, trust, and loyalty from your customers. 

Using this process my customers would come back to buy many times, in fact my monthly repeat customer rate was around 30% which means roughly 1 in 3 orders was a repeat customer.

Talk about loyalty :)

You too, can achieve the same results.

Time to get to work, or get your social media manager on top of it!

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