Here's the top reasons why we work so much.

Hey guys,

Just me again,

I had a short but serious question for you this time, seriously think about it deeply...


Is it too prove that you are a hustler?

Is it because you believe that you will impress others by working as hard as you do? (quick tip, sometimes working so many hours isn't even working hard, its actually not working in the most efficient way possible)

Is it because you believe you actually are working hard?

Is it because you have nothing else to do?

Is it because you are trying to make a lot of money? (If so, how much is enough? another important question to think about, we'll talk about this one later)

Is it because you believe someone else will outwork you?

Is it because you don't want to fail?

Is it because you aren't getting enough sales?

This list can go on and on...

I truly believe working hard and so many hours is seen as a normal thing in entrepreneurship!

Its why so many people get burned out, and because people don't outsource a lot of their tasks...


they give up from burning out and they get tired from failing time and time again with no result or very little result.

Another important question to ask is a one word question...

that question is...


Why are you doing all of this?

Is it for your customers?

To see them succeed and live a happy and fulfilled life because of your products?

Is it because you "accidentally got into it" back then and now you're stuck in it but are stuck in the ways of "endless hours" in order to make it work...

Is it because you want to live a life of freedom and make your own hours? You can ask yourself that question and think very deeply on it.

Now when you have thought about it, very deeply I want you to only do things in your business that will align with that #1 goal, that "WHY" question you answered.

I'll give you an example, I want my business to be very hands off and mainly automated or have freelancers that do most of my work for me because my #1 thing in life is that I want to travel, and actually spend my life getting to know my wife and son(plus future kids) and do amazing things with them.

I know I would not be able to do any of that in the future if I did something like say sold products where I had to ship out hundreds of things here from my house, so I kicked that option to the curb (I know how to do it but I am not on that route anymore) I am more into digital products, automated things, things like courses (currently working on) and stuff like that, where it does require work upfront, but once set up it can be pretty passive for a while.

It wont be passive in the sense completely hands off, but just less work, a lot less work to maintain it because the things I am setting up are a hands off business model.

I did this when I started my ecommerce agency.

I actually had multiple freelancers do all of the work for me.

I started the first few tasks with me managing all communications between the freelancer and the client.

Once the freelancer proved himself successful (could get jobs done in a quick and efficient manner plus his communication was great with me)

I gave them more responsibility by letting them chat directly to the client with a project tool I used called Clickup.

Once a project got onboarded,

I sent the client an invite and a word doc that explained how things worked.

They basically would communicate with the freelancer directly through the software and I could see all of their chat, plus time spent on the project, files uploaded and more.

They could tag me in the chat incase anything came up.

It was totally awesome and Every day I didn't have any communications to do unless it was closing deals.

It reduced my workload by about 20 hours per week. It was ALOT! I did this because I tracked my time spent every week.

I thought to myself if I knew what took up most of my time, then I could find out what task to focus on to reduce my workload.

It was around 20 hours per week that I was spending communicating back and forth with clients from about 10-15 projects.

I felt such a relief to have 20 extra hours in my work week (that's an extra 4 hours per day)

What would you do if you could have 4 extra hours per day?

or get off of work 4 hours earlier and be done with the day?

It was a dream come true,


I still wanted to reduce my workload more and I did!

You can do the same.

Your task for today is to write down your tasks that you do daily, and think about how long you spend on them?

Plus, the next day you actually work, try writing down the time you spend actually working and doing a certain task and mark it down.

You will be surprised, I promise you!

But more than anything you will know what your #1 time sucker is.

Then you attack it and think of ways to reduce its time load completely, heck even by half would change a lot of things!

Let me know what your #1 time sucker is in the comments below (If you know it already)

If not, I look forward to know what it is when you find out :)

Let's get more time back please!

You got this and I'm here rooting for you!

Once again, that tool I used to make my task management much easier and that helped me shave off hours every single week was called Clickup and you can get it by clicking here.

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