About Us

We are Shopify fanatics here at Adan Valdez! The story starts with Adan himself starting to sell products online when he was 20 yrs old. He went through the entire process like you did. Product sourcing, finding clients, advertising, email marketing, building a website, packaging orders, and much much more....

He fell in love with eCommerce so much that his store was on Shopify for 5 years before he called it quits to focus on not selling products himself, but to help other merchants sell products using Shopify.

"You know once you become an expert in the field, it kind of feels like your duty to go share your expertise with the world and help others succeed" -Adan Valdez

That is the beginning of how we got started as a Shopify only agency in the beginning of 2018. Since then we have helped over dozens of merchants get successfully setup on Shopify and even increase revenue compared to their previous platform.


This is the details of a little brand called Puremods Body Jewelry for example:

We increased total sales by 1,383%helped bring 33,651 website sessions which meant a 439% increase. Increased return customer rate by 1,008%increased AOV by 45%increased total orders by 960%increased online store conversion rate by 186%



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