Directory Listings Manager (Monthly Service)

Don't know how to set up your business on google to show up locally? What about Bing? Yelp? Yellow Pages?

Do you possibly have some directory listings set up but can't keep track of all the listings, reviews, etc?

Do you need a Directory Listings Manager? Count us in.

Now Imagine not only getting help to setup all of those directory listings. But actually having a dashboard to view all of them from the same screen? Plus having it optimized monthly in case anything changes with your business (address, phone, etc.)

I don't know about you, but if I was a customer I would be super pissed if I needed a service and went to a yelp page and couldn't get a hold of a business.

I would immediately try the next one. and BAM there goes your business to the next competitor in line.

Luckily for you, we help you get it all setup with over 70 directory listings (This number actually varies based on what service/market you serve)

Here's what the process looks like for our Directory Listings Manager service:

Month 1

  • Setup and Optimization
  • 70+ Directory listings submission
  • 70+ Directory listings subscription
  • Google Business listing setup
  • Profile Optimization
  • Dashboard Setup/Access

Month 2 +

  • 70+ Directory listings subscription
  • Profile optimization
  • Dashboard Access


This investment will help your page rank on search engines plus get some additional phone calls/website views that could turn into $$$.

What does 1 extra client look like for your business? what about 2? how about 5? What about 10 extra clients per year, per month?

Don't leave money on the table and get your business seen locally by putting it on every directory listing possible.

You can get started today and have those directory listings up within a few business days for a small one time set-up fee of $99 + $198 monthly fee.

To have your business listed on Bing, fourquare, google, waze, yahoo, yelp, yellow pages, elocal, superpages, and more just contact us using the form at the bottom of this page!


Have a question about this service?

Check out our FAQ below...

What are directories? 

A directory is a local business listing that contains a business Name, Address and phone number (NAP) along with other details. There are a lot of directories and websites like Google, Bing, Yelp, 411, Foursquare and much more.

Will you create a google map listing?

No, the Adan Valdez team will only be responsible for gaining access and optimizing the existing Google Business Listings. If the listing is suspended, flagged as duplicate, or has any verification issues, it is the responsibility of the client to resolve the issues, not the Adan Valdez team.

If I ever cancel this service, what happens to all of my directory listings?

Since we pay a monthly subscription to all the directories, once canceled, the listing will be cancelled out of their directories as well. However, if you already had some of the listings prior to singing up for this service, the listings will simply return back to their original state and will not be deleted from the directory themselves.

We do not have or store any login credentials to any of the directories, this is all done via our API. Which means we have no control over what the directory themselves decide to do once this service is cancelled.


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