Premium Shopify Theme Setup

$4,995 or 3 easy payments of $1,999

Perfect for when you have a premium Shopify theme you love but don’t have the time or experience to set it up correctly.

Knowing how to set up a premium Shopify theme is something that most store owners don’t have experience doing.

Im sure you would agree with us when we say that the hardest part of running a Shopify ecommerce business is trying to get sales and setting up your theme.

Think about it.

Your Shopify theme is the final part of your sales funnel and it determines whether or not your visitors will be comfortable enough to fork their money over to you!

Even though anyone can probably set up a quick Shopify store in a few days. It's just extremely difficult to take a Shopify theme from okay, to good enough, yet alone great with high conversion rates. Its extremely hard if you are not a web developer, a UX expert, or have experience in the ecommerce industry.

You've probably seen many other websites that look beautiful. Having one that is beautiful and looks great is not the only thing that matters. It could be converting at a rate of .05%. Yes out of every 1,000 visitors maybe only 5 people are buying. If your big into PPC then paying for 1,000 clicks on google ads is pretty expensive for only 5 sales. Conversion matters. Your Shopify theme matters. Your only an expert away from getting a beautiful site that converts into sales.

We have helped dozens of merchants get set up on Shopify, and scale their stores. You can have all of that experience on your side when you have our team set up your premium Shopify theme.

After filling out our quick form and a discovery call, we’ll install and configure a theme of your choice from the Shopify Theme Store and then bring that theme to life with your branding, logo, colors, typography and a layout approach that suits your store, your brand, your products and your audience.

Depending on the theme, we’ll also create homepage banners, featured images, etc.

Finally we’ll review your store against our own best practices to ensure it's optimized for conversions.

Included at no additional charge is two rounds of ten revisions. You are welcome to make design suggestions, but since you hired us as the ecommerce experts, it’s probably a waste of your time for you to even worry about it.

Contact us using the form below to get started!