Store Setup & Development

Full Store Setup 

Perfect for those who are starting from scratch and need help! 

We’ll assist you by:

  • Creating your account
  • Picking a theme for your brand
  • Setting up your store, theme, and checkout process.
  • Providing 30 days of support

Premium Theme Setup 

Have a premium theme that you love but just don't have the time or the "know how" of setting it up?

Email Marketing

Email Flow Setup

We know you run a business, but did you know that if you are not emailing your current customers with deals, promotions or even just content to keep your brand at the top of their mind, you are leaving loads of money on the table! We help you with setting up an automation flow using Klaviyo.

We setup automatic emails that sends to the right customer at the right time and based on our past clients, our average client see's a 10-20% increase in sales just by setting up automatic emails using our strategy.

Monthly Maintenance Plans

Shopify Website Maintenance

$875 per month for 5 hours, $1,750 per month for 10 hours or $3,500 per month for 20 hours. 

(Get a 10% discount when you purchase 3 months in advance)

Once your ecommerce site is built, you need to...

  • optimize it
  • change/create homepage content
  • create new homepage sliders
  • add new app integrations
  • add/edit products

All of these tasks and much more can be done by us by grabbing one of our monthly maintenance packages. If all hours are not used, they roll over into next month (as long as you are subscribed, you can use them)

Klaviyo Email Optimizing

$750 per month

Email is EVERYTHING! as long as you set it up correctly and keep testing it and optimizing it.

We do this by a/b testing all of your current flows and review results and optimize your emails on a monthly basis to increase open rates and engagement thus increasing bottom line revenue!

HotJar Testing/Optimizing

$750 per month

We help you by setting up your hotjar account and add the tracking code into your theme. After this is done we now can view everything that a customer is doing on your website with session recordings and seeing where they click/scroll on your pages.

It is with this data that we can see what needs to be moved around or what needs to be changed in order to increase conversion rates on your store which could easily double your sales even with the same amount of traffic!


To get in touch, simply fill out the form on this page and we will get back to you within 1 business day!