Business Report

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What if we could show you the biggest pain points for your business?

Would you believe us?

We know marketing inside and out, we are tech geeks, we are Shopify geeks. Ask us anything about Shopify and/or marketing(we prefer both) and we got your back!

We are also geeks when it comes to extracting data from your business all over the web and can find just about everything with your business presence online!

Our Business Report is basically a quick report that shows you how your business is doing online.

It contains 7 modules: Listings, Reviews, Social, Website, SEO, Google Ads and Facebook Ads.

In each of those modules your business will get a grade and of course you will receive an overall grade on your report.

This report is great because it could be used as a North Star as to what to work on next if you just don't have a clue with what is going on next in your business or don't know what to do.

In each module we will explain thoroughly what we found.

The Directory Listing Module: Contains Directory listings that were found, listings that are incorrect/correct, and how many directory listings your business is not on that you are missing out on (and you know what that means, less exposure)

The Reviews Module: We will tell you how many reviews we found of your business online (good or bad) and what is the source we got them from. You would be surprised how many business owners didnt even know how many bad reviews have been sitting on the web...Or good reviews where you wish you would have found it earlier to show the customer you care about them!

The Social Module: How is your brand engaging with customers on social media? Here we track how many likes you have on FB, avg. posts per week, avg likes and avg shares per post. As well as how your business ranks on social media compared to your industry avg.

The Website Module: This one is the core of your business. If you have a slow website you are missing out on many sales. We check the speed of your website on both desktop and mobile. We also tell you what should be fixed, and things to consider fixing.

The SEO Module: The BIG ONE! Let's see how well you rank with your business keywords and how much customers are actually finding you organically due to SEO on your website. WE will show you how you rank compared to competitors with the same keywords, how your business ranks with keywords and the backlinks. All of these are things to consider when it comes to growing your organic traffic. If you want to play for the long haul, you deserve a great score with your SEO.

Google Ads: We show how your Google ads are performing, keywords,traffic and traffic cost.

Facebook Ads: We show your previous ads and how they are performing.

As you can see a business report will truly give you a BIG insight into your business. You may even find out a thing or two that you didn't know about. (Here's a little truth, almost every business owner finds out something new with this business report. We even found something out for our own business when we ran a report)

2 things to do now...

Get a report,

or don't get one and risk not knowing what could potentially be harming your business and your sales...

If you want on :)

After deciding you want a report,

Purchase one on this page and we will get back to you via email within 24 hours to ask for a few quick details of your business (Name, location, phone, etc.)

After we receive your business details give us 24 hours to send you your report via email.

Once you receive it, You can fix your business in house with your team, or tackle it on your own :)

If you need someone else to help you out like say a Digital marketing agency *cough cough, we've got your back!

p.s. If you didn't watch the video above, please watch it for a demo report we did on a plumbing company. Your report will look similar to that one :)