Puremods Body Jewelry

Puremods Body Jewelry was a new brand that launched on Shopify with no previous clients, email lists, social media, nothing.

The Home Page

Built with the main product they want to sell on the main fold of the page to help increase conversions towards that bulk product.

When you scroll down you see the shop by vendor which showed the 4 brands of jewelry they carried with clickable logos to take them to the collection page.

shopify premium theme store setup

The Collection Page:  

You can choose to have a collection page as a grid style or line style (pictured here).

Reason they wanted line style was because many products had long titles and when using the grid format it was about 3-4 lines under the product image for the title which made the site look cluttered.

The clean line style layout helps with conversions as well.

Makes it easy for the customer, and they have a sort by option to help find what they need.

shopify collection page setup

The Product Page:

We didn't have many bells and whistles on the product page to help increase conversions with a basic slate.

Here you can see the main product photo with 4 different photo variations underneath.

This included a scroll over zoom feature so customers could see the product closer up.

We also had the vendor of the product listed below the title.

The dynamic button helped with conversions as well since it was right below the add to cart button but whatever the client is logged in with on their browser, whether it be paypal, gpay, or apple pay, it will show that based on their preference.

When they click simply grabs there info (since they are logged in) and makes the checkout process that much quicker.

premium theme shopify product page setup

Underneath the product description we added recommended products to have a different approach towards a traditional product page.

This helps increase average order value since it will show recommended products and your customer might want to add one of these as well.

recommended products shopify setup

Below is a screenshot of their whole first year after they had came to us.

We helped them with a Premium theme setup and a 20 hour project retainer.

We used a few different methods to help increase visitors, sales, and increase average order value (AOV)!


As you can see, these are the results we helped them achieve!

  • We increased total sales by 1,383%
  • We helped bring 33,651 website sessions which meant a 439% increase
  • We increased return customer rate by 1,008%
  • We increased AOV by 45%
  • We increased total orders by 960%
  • We increased online store conversion rate by 186%


Shopify puremods body jewelry previous work adan valdez

The strategy we used to help overcome their first few months with little to no sales on Shopify was:

  • Social media brand awareness
  • Automated email marketing 
  • new apps installed (included push notifications, automatic shop tasks, etc.)


As you can see, Puremods was a small at home business and we tremendously helped them out that first year after we provided them with the help and guidance they needed.

If you're a new store or even an established store, can you imagine what would happen with just a 10%, 20% maybe even 50% increase in sales?

Try and daydream a little bit, the time you would gain back due to having to work less with automated shop tasks.

The time and memories you would be able to spend with your family and loved ones.

The extra things you can buy, or vacations to go on.

The list is endless. and the results are not impossible.

They are achievable.

You just need a helping hand to get you where you want to be.

We are there for you when that moment comes.