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How to setup a Shopify store from scratch

How to setup a Shopify store from scratch


Do you need help doing a basic Shopify Setup?

I just recently did a tutorial on how to setup a Shopify store from scratch!

I run through many basics like the whole admin dashboard and setting up shipping, etc.

In this tutorial I make a watch store from the very beginning.

You will learn what everything on the dashboard does, how to add a product, how to add a collection and how to do basic customization of your theme (Debut theme) in this tutorial. 



How To Create A Business Email With Shopify

How To Create A Business Email With Shopify

How do I create a business email address with Shopify?

That is the question you might be asking yourself.

Many people who have a Shopify store actually don't even know how to set up a business email within Shopify.

In this blog post I am going to show you how to set it up so you can figure it out once and for all!

No need to sign up for G Suite or something else where you pay monthly fees just to have that professional looking business email like adan@adanvaldez.com instead of adanvaldez@gmail.com

Which one looks more professional, of course option number 1!

It also helps to have a business email to have customers to reply to when you use services like mailchimp, constant contact, Klaviyo, etc. because it decreases your likely hood of landing in your customers spam box!

You can thank me later :)

Anyways here we go, starting from the dashboard.

1. Click on the Online store tab under sales channels on the side bar.

2. You will see this page, from here click on Domains on the sidebar

shopify theme page setup

3. You will see this page, from here click on the manage hyperlink all the way to the right of your current domain.

(note: you must have a domain in order to do this)

shopify domain page setup

 4. From here click on add forwarding email address.

shopify add forwarding email address

5. Type in your email address you want and the email address you want it forwarded too!

This will make it so you can have people email your business email address now and it will forward it to that other bland email that no one wants to see :)

add forwarding email address

*Not a reader? If you want to see this in video form then please feel free to watch the video below!